Our employment and benefits packages are competitive by location and include: annual reviews, discretionary year-end bonuses, medical, dental, life and disability insurance, cafeteria, 401K and profit sharing plans, parking or transportation allowances, paid holidays, employee leave, and Employee-of-the-Year and Ten-Year Service Awards.

Susman Godfrey’s policy is to provide equal employment opportunity to all employees and job applicants. This means we consider all aspects of your employment, including recruitment, hiring, promotion, compensation, and professional development, on the basis of experience, talent, qualifications, job performance, and the Firm’s needs. We do not discriminate against anyone on the basis of ethnicity, color, religion, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any other factor that violates governing federal, state, or municipal laws.

We offer ongoing training for all staff on an as-needed basis. For example, secretaries are trained to work with MS Word, iManage Worksite, PowerPoint, Excel and many more applications.

Susman Godfrey welcomes inquiries about employment opportunities for its accounting, administrative, paralegal, secretarial, support, and technology positions.

We have invested in the latest technology: the computer system was replaced in 2009 and 2010 and the telephone system was upgraded to VoIP in 2010. A Disaster Recovery system is in place and is routinely tested which provides for continuance of email, document management and litigation support. All of our offices are connected via a high speed Layer 2 network with redundant connections to the Internet.

Many employees have been with the Firm for ten years or more; some over twenty years. We search for the right applicants when the need arises but often promote from within the Firm or relocate staff.

Jeff McLaren
"Susman Godfrey is a wonderful place to work. I spend my days working on a variety of different cases in many different jurisdictions. No matter what the case, though, there is one constant theme — the strive for excellence. SG attorneys and staff are the best and the brightest in the business. All SG employees are expected to give their utmost at all times and share their ideas in order to make the case reach conclusion in the most efficient and expedient fashion. It makes me proud to say I work here."
Jan Cobden
"One thing about Susman Godfrey is that employees rarely leave. I have worked here for 8-1/2 years and I am one of the newcomers. Working as an SG paralegal is challenging and interesting. We are assigned to a case in its early stages, participating in meetings and conference calls which increases our familiarity with the case and optimizes our function. The SG attorneys' professionalism and skill, especially in the courtroom is amazing and makes me feel proud to work for a first rate law firm."
Michelle Reeves
Legal Secretary
"At Susman Godfrey you're more than an employee; you're a part of the family. Susman Godfrey has cultivated an atmosphere of equality and positivity that affects every employee, regardless of title, department or office. Each person truly plays an integral part in Susman Godfrey's reputation for integrity and putting the client first. When you combine the talents and dedication of the lawyers and support staff, you realize that's what puts Susman Godfrey on top year after year."
Janet Young
Support Coordinator

I am approaching my 29 year anniversary  working at Susman Godfrey, it has truly been a blessing. I love the work, the atmosphere and the employees. I have the pleasure of doing the Support Services orientation for all our new employees.  One of my favorite tasks is preparing for out of town trials (roadshows).  I assemble trial supplies for our attorneys, paralegals, and secretaries.  Susman Godfrey has always been supportive of me and my family.  I am simply glad to be a part of this wonderful law firm.