Wall Street Journal: Judge Dismisses Racketeering Charges Against Susman Godfrey Client

August 2014

NEW YORK (August 19, 2014) — The Wall Street Journal reported that a New York federal judge dismissed racketeering claims in a civil lawsuit brought by a former senior U.S. diplomat against three Venezuelan businessmen. Susman Godfrey partner Shawn Rabin, who represents one of the businessmen, is quoted in the article:

“Mssrs. Betancourt, Trebbau and D’Agostino, in statements released by their lawyers, said they were pleased the racketeering claims had been dismissed. Shawn Rabin, an attorney for Mr. D’Agostino, added that the defamation claims against his client lacked merit and that he would work vigorously to get them dismissed.”

Read the full article here: Judge Dismisses Racketeering Claims Against Venezuelan Businessmen(subscription required).