Ryan Caughey, Bill Merrill, and Trey Peacock Named Texas Trailblazers by Texas Lawyer

Houston Partners Ryan Caughey, Bill Merrill and Trey Peacock have been named 2020 Texas Trailblazers by Texas Lawyer in its second annual compilation of individuals who have made their mark on the Texas law practice and who are “sincere innovators and thought leaders.”

Ryan Caughey

Ryan Caughey has secured many hundreds of millions of dollars of recoveries in some of the nation’s most innovative lawsuits. For instance, Caughey recently secured a more-than $300 million post-trial recovery for minority shareholders in a groundbreaking shareholder oppression lawsuit, and he has secured a nine-figure recovery in an antitrust lawsuit against News Corp. Caughey currently represents Veeva, a multibillion-dollar tech company, pursuing monopolization claims, he represents the nation’s largest retailer as a plaintiff pursuing high-profile price-fixing claims, and he is representing a multinational engineering company pursuing $55+-million in claims relating to a gas processing facility.

Bill Merrill 

Bill Merrill is a leader for his clients in Texas and beyond in some of the nation’s largest and highest profile lawsuits. This includes affirmation of a $43.2 million trial victory for Texas-based, Apache Deepwater, the Texas Court of Appeals upholding a $4+ million jury verdict for Westlake Chemical Corporation, and a major pro bono insurance litigation win for Houston’s Alley Theater Co.

Trey Peacock

In the past 12 months Trey Peacock has secured nearly $100 million dollars in wins that span practices areas such as IP, Energy, and Employee Compensation. These include a $40m judgment for Texas-based fracking company Repeat Precision, a Deepwater Horizon settlement claim valued at $16m for a Fortune 50 company after defeating two appeals by BP to the Fifth Circuit, and defeating breach of contract claims of $40 million for Texas-based Mostyn Law Firm.

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