Susman Godfrey Announces Substantial Increases to Clerkship Bonuses

Susman Godfrey announced increases to its Associate starting bonuses for those starting this year. Associates who join the firm after clerking for one year at the federal district or appellate level will receive a $125,000 clerkship bonus. Associates who join the firm immediately after completing two or more federal clerkships will receive a bonus of $150,000. United States Supreme Court clerks will receive an additional bonus and credit toward partnership.

Associates who clerked for a federal district or appellate court, worked at a different law firm, and then clerked again for another federal district or appellate court will be awarded a bonus for their second clerkship.

Susman Godfrey will advance up to $25,000 of an incoming associate’s clerkship bonus. The remainder is paid when the associate starts at the firm. Susman Godfrey will continue to pay its incoming associates’ bar exam fees (including preparation courses), bar membership fees, and reasonable moving expenses.

Managing Partners Kalpana Srinivasan and Vineet Bhatia said the following about today’s announcement: “We recruit top tier talent and to get top tier talent, we are willing to pay top tier bonuses. We are proud that we can increase our clerkship bonuses as our litigation practice thrives and we experience growing demand for exceptional lawyers.”

Co-chairs of the firm’s Employment Committee, Davida Brook and Ryan Caughey add: “The increased bonuses reflect our continued commitment to hiring the best, brightest and most capable young lawyers in the nation.”

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