The National Law Journal Names Partner Geoffrey Harrison a 2016 “Winning Litigator”

The National Law Journal has named Houston partner Geoffrey Harrison among the 20 “Winning Litigators” for 2016.

This annual National Law Journal List describes the 20 honorees as all having the common trait of scoring big wins in court. The articles goes on to say that these litigators make it as much about the process as it is the outcome. These “masters of their craft” trust their own styles of trial practice, are credible, know the documents, and connect with and respect the jury.

In recognizing Harrison, The National Law Journal noted his precedent-setting, noteworthy work, including his big win for the City of Houston, protecting civil rights in the landmark HERO case as well as his work for KBR Inc. for whom he won summary judgement dismantling all claims asserted by more than 160 National Guard Troops against the international engineering, procurement, and construction company.

The profile goes on to describe Harrison’s tips for succeeding at trial which include avoiding distractions in complex matters and presenting facts in a way “that people can understand them as well as knowing the documents, the testimony, the facts, the law better than anyone else in the courtroom.

The full write-up for Harrison can be found here (subscription required).

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