Susman Godfrey is one of the country’s preeminent antitrust litigation firms.

Steve Susman founded the firm in 1980 after focusing on antitrust at a large law firm, teaching antitrust at the University of Texas School of Law, and serving as a special assistant on antitrust to the Attorney General of Texas.  Beginning with the landmark Corrugated Container price-fixing case in 1980, in which Susman Godfrey recovered $500 million on behalf of plaintiffs as a result of settlements and a verdict after a 3-month jury trial, Susman Godfrey has been at the forefront of antitrust litigation.

Since then, Susman Godfrey has successfully represented plaintiffs bringing price-fixing, market allocation, refusals to deal, and monopolization claims in many industries, including computer-operating systems, airlines, medical devices, telecommunications, milk, vitamins, and specialty steel.  Susman Godfrey has deep experience representing businesses and individuals in class actions against some of the largest and most powerful companies in the world, such as Hollywood heavyweights Dreamworks and Disney, global investment banks such as Barclays, media titan News Corporation, and the entire international auto parts manufacturing industry.

Susman Godfrey also handles significant antitrust cases on the defense side, representing companies such as Aetna (conspiracy to restrain trade), Northwest Airlines (price-fixing), Steve & Sons (price-fixing), Intel (monopolization), Picker International (defense verdict in a jury trial charging tying), Little Caesars (tying), Medtronic, Inc. (raiding), and ACE Limited (market allocation).