• In June 2014, Susman Godfrey initiated a confidential energy industry arbitration on behalf of a major international energy company against two other majors with respect to the parties’ rights and obligations under a joint operating agreement.  The panel awarded Susman Godfrey’s client $19.4 million, which was 100% of the damages sought, plus interest.  The parties’ names, location of the property at issue, nature of the dispute, specifics about the award, and actions in connection with the arbitration are confidential.
  • Susman Godfrey represented Tequila Herradura, the largest tequila producer and distributor in Mexico, in an international arbitration concerning distribution rights in the United States. We prevailed, and Herradura was liberated from a long-term distribution contract, which permitted it to seek buyers for the company in a lucrative purchase.
  • Confidentiality provisions prohibit disclosing the details of our other international arbitrations.