Employer Defense

Wage & Hour Litigation

Susman Godfrey has tried to verdict the largest wage and hour class actions in the country. For example, Susman Godfrey was appointed lead trial counsel for one of the world’s largest retailers in cases involving allegations of missed rest breaks, meal periods, and off-the-clock work. As lead trial counsel, Susman Godfrey litigated three of the cases to verdict, including a four-month class action jury trial in Oakland, California, a three-month class action jury trial in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and a three-month class action bench trial in Hastings, Minnesota. After achieving successful results for the client, Susman Godfrey helped negotiate a global settlement resolving all claims against Susman Godfrey’s client.

Susman Godfrey is also one of the few firms in the country which has successfully litigated through trial a wage and hour class action involving whether employees were properly classified as exempt under state wage and hour laws. Susman Godfrey was hired as defense counsel by The Rawlings Company to defend a class action filed in LaGrange, Kentucky, alleging that auditors were improperly classified as exempt, salaried employees. After presenting Rawlings’ case to the jury in a three-week trial, the jury found for Susman Godfrey’s client on all claims.

Employment Discrimination

Susman Godfrey’s knowledge in preparing cases for trial and presenting them to a jury has resulted in Susman Godfrey successfully litigating cases involving employment discrimination. Whether the case is brought by a group of current employees or by the government, Susman Godfrey has the skills to successfully resolve the case. For example, Susman Godfrey was hired months before trial to defend a retailer in a class action brought by the EEOC alleging gender discrimination. The case settled after Susman Godfrey submitted a notice of appearance and prepared the case for trial.