Intellectual Property

The greatest challenge in an intellectual property case can be translating the subject matter for a lay audience. Susman Godfrey’s lawyers are smart enough to understand technical subject matter and skilled enough to translate the subject matter into an effective trial presentation. When useful given the subject matter, clients sometimes choose Susman Godfrey to team with outside patent counsel or an IP boutique; Susman Godfrey acts as lead trial counsel with the patent counsel or IP boutique providing specialized support.

Susman Godfrey pursues and defends against patent infringement, misappropriation of trade secrets, copyright and trademark infringement, and unfair competition claims. Over the years, Susman Godfrey has recovered over half a billion dollars on behalf of its clients for infringement or misappropriation of their intellectual property, and has provided a vigorous, efficient, and effective defense to clients who are accused of violating intellectual property rights.

Our intellectual property practice is national. Susman Godfrey has appeared in intellectual property cases in the United States District Courts for the Northern and Central Districts of California, the Western District of Washington, the District of Delaware, the Middle District of Florida, the District of Massachusetts, the Southern District of New York, and all of the Districts in Texas.

Susman Godfrey frequently works under contingent fee arrangements that enable clients to pursue cases they might otherwise be unable to pursue. Even for clients able to finance high-stakes patent litigation, contingent fee arrangements afford an opportunity to share the risk and compensate counsel for the results obtained rather than the hours worked. Whether pursuing claims arising from a single patent or an entire portfolio, and whether pursuing a single infringing company or engaging in a large-scale licensing and litigation program against multiple targets, Susman Godfrey brings to bear the talents and resources necessary to achieve success for its clients under fee arrangements that provide a mutual sharing of risks and rewards.

The firm is willing and able to structure creative fee arrangements that emphasize risk-sharing and efficiency on the defense side as well, offering corporate clients the option to negotiate non-standard billing arrangements such as reverse contingent fees and flat rate fees. Given the often staggering costs of patent and other IP litigation, the ability to structure an alternative fee with a top tier litigation law firm is often a key differentiator for clients on the defense side.

If you have a significant intellectual property litigation matter either as a plaintiff or a defendant, please contact us so that we can evaluate the case, tell you more about our intellectual property expertise, and discuss a fee arrangement best suited to your needs.