Why Susman Godfrey

We’re Number One

Susman Godfrey has been named Vault’s #1 litigation boutique in America every year since the award’s inception in 2011. As America’s premier litigation boutique, our firm was founded on a simple vision: Hire the best, reward success, and handle every case with a relentless focus on winning at trial. That’s why Susman Godfrey is the best at what we do: high stakes commercial litigation. But don’t take our word for it, take theirs: 

“Pick your metric—money, US Supreme Court clerks, bet-the-company cases, percentage of partners in trial annually—the firm runs circles around everyone else.”Lawdragon

“They are simply smarter, faster, more aggressive (when appropriate) and more strategically astute than their competitors. In my mind, they do not have a peer firm. They are the gold standard.” Legal 500 Client Review

“Probably the single best law firm I’ve worked with.” Client as quoted in Chambers

We Play to Win

“As attorneys that identify first and foremost as trial lawyers, they do everything with the ultimate audience in mind—whether that be the judge or eventually a jury…No matter how large and complex a matter may be, they never lose sight of who it is they have to persuade in order to win.” Law360

We’re trial lawyers. We don’t limit our practice to niche subject matters or particular industries. Trials are our specialty, and we excel at trying all kinds of cases. Nor do we restrict ourselves to plaintiffs or defendants, avoiding the biases and tunnel vision that representing only one side fosters. Because we play both sides of the “v,” we understand our opponents’ incentives and strategy as well as our own.

We bet on ourselves and our clients. Why? Because we believe in ourselves and we believe in our clients. We pioneered success-based fee agreements, for both plaintiffs and defendants, that reward the results we achieve and not the hours we bill. That means, like our clients, we can’t afford to lose, and we can’t afford to win inefficiently either. When our clients win big, we do too.

We fight smarter. Having skin in the game keeps us focused on the most important goal: winning in front of the jury, judge, or arbitrator, not fighting pointless battles. There is no costly pyramid structure at Susman Godfrey. With more partners than associates, we are lean and un-leveraged. We counter the profit-driven bloat of our opponents with focus, creativity, and efficiency.

We value diversity. Diversity makes our trial teams stronger, smarter, and more effective. We know, because judges and jurors tell us so. We value lawyers who come from a wide variety of backgrounds and places.

We Beat the Best

“One of the nation’s most impressive—and most feared—litigation boutiques. ”Above the Law

To be the best, you have to beat the best. And we do.

That’s why dozens of Fortune 500 companies trust Susman Godfrey when it counts: when winning means everything—and losing is not an option. What do General Electric, Walmart, Chevron, Uber, and NBCUniversal have in common? All of them have relied on Susman Godfrey to battle their toughest opponents at trial.

We also even the playing field when underdogs have to stand up to the powerful. For decades, we’ve represented consumers, whistleblowers, and small or start-up businesses challenging abuses by some of the most powerful corporate defendants in America. And we’ve secured billions of dollars in verdicts and settlements on their behalf.