Susman Godfrey’s very first case, the Corrugated Container antitrust trial, led to one of the highest antitrust jury verdicts ever obtained. Since that extraordinary start, the firm has remained devoted to helping businesses and individuals achieve similarly extraordinary results. Recent high-profile victories.

  • Representation of the plaintiffs in a number of successful private antitrust actions against Microsoft Corporation, including litigation or private negotiations on behalf of Gateway, Novell, Caldera, Be, Inc., Paltalk Holdings, and others.
  • Representation of MicroUnity Systems in a variety of patent infringement litigation, which has led to confidential settlements with a variety of defendants, including Intel and Sony.
  • Defeated claims for $550 million in damages brought by Alcoa against our client, Luminant and convinced the jury to award Luminant $10 million in counterclaim damages.
  • Secured a $225 million jury award for Dillard’s, Inc. against I2 Technologies for fraud and breach of warranty.
  • Obtained a jury award of more than $178 million in a breach of fiduciary duty case brought on behalf of minority shareholders of an NL Industries, Inc. subsidiary.
  • Representation of Sky Technologies in patent infringement cases against i2 Technologies, IBM, Ariba, Oracle, and SAP that each have led to confidential settlements.
  • Representation of the bankruptcy estate of Enron Corp. against ten banks and investment banks for aiding and abetting breach of fiduciary duty and fraud. Settlements to date have brought more than one billion dollars in value to the Enron estate.
  • Successfully concluded the pro bono representation of Texas Clean Air Cities Coalition which included Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, Waco, El Paso, Plano, Arlington, Irving, and 28 other local governments across Texas. The cities were concerned about the environmental threats resulting from the large amounts of nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, particulate matter, mercury, and carbon dioxide to be emitted from the proposed plants. The coalition of Texas cities challenged permit applications by TXU Corporation to build eight coal-fired power units across Texas. Following the announcement of the proposed buyout of TXU by two private equity firms and citing a new environmental direction for the company, TXU announced that it would withdraw applications for all eight of the coal units that the coalition opposed.

These are only a few of our recent cases. Our practice area inserts provide a more complete description of Susman Godfrey’s successes in a number of areas.