Susman Godfrey prides itself on a talent pool as deep as any firm in the country. Clerking for a judge in the federal court system is considered to be the best training for a young trial attorney, and 91% of our lawyers served in these highly sought-after clerkships after law school. Seven of our attorneys have clerked at the highest level — for Justices of the United States Supreme Court.

Our associates are not document-churning drones. Each associate at Susman Godfrey is expected to second-chair cases in the courtroom from the start. Because we are so confident in their abilities, we consider associates for partnership after seven years with the firm, unless they joined us following a federal judicial clerkship. In that case, we give credit for the clerkship, and the partnership track is generally six years. We pay them top salaries and bonuses, make them privy to the firm’s financials, and let them vote — on an equal standing with partners — on virtually all firm decisions.

Each trial attorney at Susman Godfrey is invested in our unique model and stands ready to handle your big-stakes commercial litigation.

 Our firm is made up of the best and the brightest trial lawyers in the country. Quite simply, we can try any case, no matter what the subject matter. And our record proves it.

Patent law. Our lawyers are not “patent ” lawyers. Yet Susman Godfrey is one of the nation’s go-to firms for patent litigation. Indeed, as the amount in controversy soared in patent cases in the early 2000s, so has the number of patent cases tried and won by Susman Godfrey. Clients know that they need real trial lawyers to translate the patent talk into language that can be understood by a jury. And juries listen when Susman Godfrey lawyers talk. Our firm has won some of the largest jury verdicts in patent cases in the country.

Family law. Our lawyers are not “family” lawyers. Yet when the richest couples get in the nastiest divorce battles, they call the real trial lawyers for the ultimate show down. When the owner of the Dodgers risked losing his team to his wife in a bitter divorce battle, Frank McCourt called Susman Godfrey. When David Saperstein found himself in divorce proceedings with his wife in over their multi-million dollar estate, including their $125 million “Fleur de Lys” mansion, he hired Susman Godfrey.

Tax law. Our lawyers are not “tax” lawyers. Yet, when an individual had a $ 800 million tax dispute and needed a trial lawyer, he hired Terry Oxford of Susman Godfrey. Terry, with the assistance of tax counsel, tried the case for 5 weeks in federal court. The result: a decision that would return the taxpayer more than half the disputed amount.

Criminal law. Our lawyers are not “criminal” lawyers. Yet when evidence suggested a Texas man was wrongly convicted, those trying to right the wrong called Susman Godfrey. When Barry Scheck and his Innocence Project wanted help reversing the wrongful conviction of George Rodriguez, they teamed up with Susman Godfrey. The conviction was reversed and Mr. Rodriguez freed, and Susman Godfrey continues the battle to obtain fair compensation for the 17 years he spent behind bars.

It does not matter what area of law your case is. If we haven’t already been involved in path-breaking litigation there, we will master it. And you will have the best possible trial team on your side.