Litigation involves both risk and reward.
Results matter to you. Costs do, too.
Make sure they both matter to your lawyers.

We work harder than other lawyers. But we also work smarter. We don’t follow a leverage-billing model where more work is its own goal. We work for results. With an alternative fee, you can share in the benefits of our approach. Alternative fees play to our strength because they reward results over time, to the mutual benefit of attorney and client alike. Whether your case calls for a contingent fee, a fixed fee, or a hybrid fee, alternative billing arrangements provide you with the stability, flexibility, and upside to suit your case’s needs.

  • Contingent fees demand competent representation. They end the stream of bills and eliminate busy work. Contingent fees drive results because contingent fees reward lawyers for effectively and efficiently resolving their client’s problem. By sharing the risk and reward, a contingent fee aligns the interests of the lawyers with the interests of the client. And that’s how we like it. We prefer to get paid to solve your problems. Not just to work for work’s sake.
  • Fixed fees have grown in prominence among corporate clients in particular. Built with budgets in mind, fixed fees provide predictability and accountability. We work with the client and learn about the particulars of the case to arrive at a fair fixed fee that works for both the lawyers and the client. As litigation runs through its ebbs and flows, fixed fees protect you from the unpredictability of hourly billing. They also relieve you of the angst of having to review hourly bills and become adverse to your own lawyers.
  • Hybrid fees combine a fixed or hourly fee at a reduced rate with a smaller contingent component to reward the firm for desired results. This billing arrangement maintains the alignment of interests achieved by a contingent fee, but reduces the risk to lawyer and client. Hybrid fees temper the potential expense of a fixed or hourly representation while retaining for you a larger portion of any award. Flexibility is the hallmark of hybrid fees because it allows us to create a fee structure that meets the particular needs of your case.

We have litigated successfully under each of these fee arrangements and countless variations for both plaintiffs and defendants. In all cases, in collaboration with you, we tailor the alternative fee to the particular case’s merits and risks. At times, we have begun a case on an hourly basis and converted to an alternative basis as we learn more about the case and our client’s objectives.

We prefer to be under-compensated or uncompensated if unsuccessful and well-rewarded if we achieve outstanding results for you. We urge you to discuss these matters candidly with us so that we can align our interests for mutual success.

The information contained herein is revised frequently and is only accurate and current as of the date printed above. Please call us for the most recent edition.