Susman Godfrey Secures $37.5 Million Verdict in Wi-Fi Patent Infringement Case

Susman Godfrey Secures $37.5 Million Verdict in Wi-Fi Patent Infringement Case

Susman Godfrey has won a $37.5 million verdict for Atlas Global Technologies in its patent infringement case against Chinese telecom equipment manufacturer TP-Link.

On September 14, a Texas jury issued the verdict against TP-Link for infringing five patents for wireless routers that meet an industry standard known as “WiFi 6,” which was developed to provide fast, efficient internet connections for high-density locations such as offices, shopping malls and apartment buildings. Semiconductor company Newracom had contributed to the standard before the patents were assigned to Atlas, which in 2021 sued TP-Link for selling infringing products.

Following a five-day trial and just a few hours of deliberations, the jury determined TP-Link owes Atlas $37,481,264 in damages. The verdict form can be read here.

“We are pleased with the jury’s verdict finding in favor of our client,” said co-lead counsel and partner Max Tribble. “We had a strong team and strong witnesses, especially compared to the testimony of TP-Link. TP-Link’s corporate representative made a stunning admission when she admitted that TP-Link ‘may’ infringe, contradicting TP-Link’s non-infringement defense. This result sends a strong message that Atlas will vigorously defend its patents that play a key role in modern Wi-Fi standards.”

Partner and co-lead counsel on the matter, Joe Grinstein, added, “This trial win was a true team effort. Alejandra Salinas did an incredible job presenting our client and the damages expert and Alex Aiken expertly argued the jury charge. In addition, Max sealed the deal with an indisputable closing argument to bring the case home.” Added Tribble, “And Joe started off the case with a compelling opening argument and later got the defendant’s expert to admit he didn’t actually perform an infringement analysis.”

In addition to Tribble and Grinstein, the Susman Godfrey litigation team included partner Alejandra Salinas, associate Alex Aiken, and managing partner Kalpana Srinivasan, Co-counsel included Partners Eric Enger, Mike Heim, Alden Harris and Blaine Larson from Heim, Payne & Chorush and Partners Johnny Ward and Andrea Fair of Ward Smith & Hill.

The case is Atlas Global Technologies LLC v. TP-Link Technologies Co., Ltd. et al., case number 2:21-cv-00430, in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas.