“I View Making Partner at Susman Godfrey as the Starting Line Rather Than the Finish Line.” Michael Gervais Shares His Career Path Thus Far on Law.com’s How I Made Partner Series

Los Angeles-based Partner, Michael Gervais, is featured on Law.com’s series, How I Made Partner, a Q&A series that interviews young lawyers who have recently been named Partner.

In the interview, Gervais discusses how through, “a combination of hard work, good fortune and great mentors” he went from community college, to a four-year university, to Yale Law School, to multiple federal clerkships (including with Justice Stephen Breyer at the U.S. Supreme Court), to joining the Susman Godfrey partnership. He also shares advice for young lawyers and describes how his daily routine has changed since making partner.

You can read the interview in full here and more about Gervais’s career here.