Kalpana Srinivasan, Co-Managing Partner, Interviewed on New Elawvate Podcast

Co-Managing Partner Kalpana Srinivasan recently sat down with the founders of “Elawvate,” a new podcast for trial lawyers. In the series’ second episode, called “Breaking Glass Ceilings and Verdict Records,” Kalpana takes a deep dive into her career and shares her thoughts on the future of the legal industry. Specifically, she discusses her meteoric rise to the top as a woman (and why she should not be “the unicorn phenomena”), why risky moves and leaps of faith can pay off, what it felt like to secure a $706.2 million verdict for HouseCanary, and firm founder Steve Susman’s lasting legacy on Susman Godfrey. Kalpana also shares important advice for the next generation of diverse trial lawyers, including urging young lawyers to “push for chances to be seen.”

Hosted by trial lawyers Ben Gideon and Rahul Ravipudi, Elawvate is a place where lawyers can, “communicate honestly with each other, confront challenges and overcome fears and obstacles that sometimes hold [them] back, and ….elevate [themselves]–both within and outside the law.” Click here to listen to the episode.

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