Susman Godfrey 2017 Bonuses Exceed “Cravath Scale”

Susman Godfrey announced today that in recognition of its associates’ outstanding efforts and the firm’s extremely successful year, its associates would receive bonuses that far exceed what has become known as the “Cravath scale.” With some adjustments based on quantity and quality of work, the median 2017 bonuses for each class of Susman Godfrey associates are:

Class of 2015: $45,000

Class of 2014: $85,000

Class of 2013: $100,000

Class of 2012: $120,000

Class of 2011: $150,000

Class of 2010 (or earlier): $170,000

Two associates received additional bonuses in recognition of their success in business development that brought their total bonuses to more than $220,000.

Erica Harris, Susman Godfrey’s current recruiting partner, said that “when you hire the very best associates, you get the very best performance, and just like Susman Godfrey partners, our associates are rewarded for performance.” Steven Sklaver, the firm’s partner in charge of practice development, added that “2017 has been another fantastic year for the firm, and our tradition is that our associates share in the firm’s success.”

Susman Godfrey, founded in 1980, was profiled this month in Lawdragon magazine as “America’s leading trial firm.”