Susman Godfrey Announces Marketing-Leading Bonuses

Houston, TX – Susman Godfrey LLP, the national litigation boutique, made seven new partners and announced big, market-beating bonuses over the weekend.  Minimum bonuses ranged from $40,000 for associates with one full year at the firm, to $120,000 for associates with six full years.  Many associates received even larger amounts, and the seven new partners each took home nearly half a million dollars in compensation.  Founder and managing partner Steve Susman said that the firm continues its strong commitment to providing associates with greater responsibility, more money, and a faster equity partnership track than its competitors.  

Susman said, “Our associates shined this year inside and outside the courtroom.  Associates gave opening statements, examined key witnesses, and handled critical oral arguments in cases all over the country.  We put our associates up against partners from other ‘big-name’ firms in big cases, and won.  These bonuses are our reward to them for their wins this year.” 

The firm elected to the partnership Matthew BehnckeJohn Lahad, and Weston O’Black (of the Houston office), Amanda Bonn and Oleg Elkhunovich (of the Los Angeles office), Steven M. Shepard (of the New York office), and Jordan Connors (of the Seattle office).

Susman Godfrey has 114 lawyers practicing in New York, Houston, Los Angeles and Seattle. Its practice is limited to litigation, and it represents both plaintiffs and defendants on a variety of fee arrangements.

Number of full years at Susman Godfrey

Minimum Bonus [1]

Cravath Equivalent Bonus [2]

6$120,000$100,000 (class year 2009)
5$105,000$90,000 (class year 2010)
4$95,000$80,000 (class year 2011)
3$85,000$65,000 (class year 2012)
2$65,000$50,000 (class year 2013)
1$40,000$25,000 (class year 2014)

[1] Many associates in each group received discretionary, higher bonuses.

[2] Susman Godfrey requires each new hire to successfully complete a federal clerkship before joining the firm.  Therefore, the number of full years at Susman Godfrey usually begins one year after the associate’s class year (graduation) date. Cravath’s bonuses are as reported by Above the Law

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