“The Great and Grand Adventures of Geoffrey L. Harrison”

“It has been one hell of a fantastic ride, and the ride is yet young.”

In its 15th year anniversary issue, Lawdragon featured Susman Godfrey’s Houston partner Geoffrey L. Harrison as one of “The Glorious Defiants,” a select group of lawyers “changing our world for the better. Because of who they are. How they did it. The risks they took . . . in the face of unprecedented turmoil in health, social justice, politics and life.”

Lawdragon’s article about “The Great and Grand Adventures of Geoffrey L. Harrison” recounts Harrison’s history with the firm — from his first interviews with founders, Steve Susman and Lee Godfrey, to his unforgettable job offer from Susman, to his “countless” victories for plaintiffs and defendants, to his resonant “work hard play hard vibe” — and describes the profound impact that the firm’s founders had on Harrison and he has had on the firm.

Read about Harrison’s “Adventures” here and read more about Harrison’s career here.