Vault Survey Names Susman Godfrey Top U.S. Litigation Boutique for Sixth Consecutive Year

For the sixth consecutive year, Susman Godfrey has been named the top U.S. litigation boutique in Vault’s annual “Top 100” ranking. The firm has received this honor every year since the ranking began in 2012.

Vault surveyed 18,000 law firm associates to rank “the most prestigious law firms based on the perceptions of currently practicing lawyers at peer firms.” Susman Godfrey was the top litigation boutique of 15 U.S. firms that made Vault’s cut-off for this year’s results.

In a profile of the firm that includes direct quotes from respondents, Vault notes that Susman Godfrey associates “are pleased as punch” with the litigation work they are given. One associate noted “I get to do substantive work that junior partners at big firms would die for.” Another praised the firm, saying “If you want to be a litigator, there is no better place in the U.S. to practice.”

Vault called attention to Susman Godfrey’s high expectations for associates, saying its “hiring process is more competitive than even the top BigLaw firms,” and a federal clerkship for new associates is “an explicit requirement.” In short, says Vault, Susman Godfrey “wants strong, smart litigators that have distinguished themselves at every level.”

Those high-performing associates themselves touted the firm’s salary structure, noting it is a “market leader in compensation with high bonuses.”

Also singled out was Susman Godfrey’s “very egalitarian” management structure, with mentions that the firm’s associates “are given access to the decision-making process” and have an “equal vote” in decisions.

Susman Godfrey’s full profile can be found on the Vault website (subscription required).

Considered a “go-to” resource for law school students, associates, partners and law firm recruiters, Vault’s annual rankings are determined by thousands of associates nationwide. While survey respondents may vote for up to three firms in each practice area, they are not permitted to vote for their own firm.