Susman Godfrey Secures Key Appellate Win for Speedwell Holdings After Decade-Long Litigation

On January 31, 2023, lawyers at Susman Godfrey secured a major appellate win for client Speedwell Holdings LLC in New York State Court. The order affirmed a prior no-liability summary judgment ruling by the New York Supreme Court’s Commercial Division in a complex $28.7 million commercial loan case, brought by plaintiff Intrepid Investments LLC.

Susman Godfrey has been representing online marketing company Speedwell (formerly known as Selling Source LLC) and its affiliates in a series of related defense-side cases for over a decade. In 2013, Intrepid sued Speedwell seeking to enforce a $28.7 million note. In 2021, after a protracted and highly contentious discovery phase, partners Mark Hatch-Miller and Edgar Sargent secured a complete defense-side summary judgment victory on all claims for all defendants.

Eighteen months later, Hatch-Miller argued against Intrepid’s appeal from the summary judgment ruling in  the New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division, First Department. Just a few weeks after argument, the First Department soundly affirmed the 2021 summary judgment ruling in all respects. “We are very happy to have helped Speedwell and its affiliates bring this hard-fought, ten-year-old case one step closer to its final resolution,” said Hatch-Miller.

Joining Hatch-Miller and Sargent on the case was New York associate Komal Patel, who helped draft the winning appeal brief.

The appellate case is Intrepid Investments, LLC v. Selling Source, LLC, Case No. 2021-03229, in the New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division, First Department.