Susman Godfrey’s Minority-Owned Business (MOBUS) Pro Bono Program provides legal representation to minority-owned businesses in Houston solely in connection with commercial litigation, such as breach of contract, fraud, and other business disputes.

Clients accepted by Susman Godfrey for its MOBUS Pro Bono Program will not pay Susman Godfrey for its time working on the dispute. Further, depending on the client’s financial situation, Susman Godfrey may advance all or a portion of the Client’s litigation expenses.

Application Process

We will work with clients that are a good match for our program and fit our other selection criteria. Because Susman Godfrey’s MOBUS capacity is limited, we are unable to provide assistance to all potential clients that submit an application. We cannot guarantee that we will accept you as a client or provide any legal assistance on any of the matters you describe in the application.

Click here to download an application. Please note that completing the application does not create an attorney-client relationship. Even if we proceed to discuss the potential for a client relationship with you, neither you nor your business or organization will be a client of Susman Godfrey unless and until that relationship is confirmed in a written fee agreement signed by us and by you. Given this fact, please do not include any information in your application that you consider to be confidential.

We also cannot guarantee that we will be able to review and respond to this application in time for any deadlines that may be applicable to your matter. If your matter is time-sensitive, it may be in your best interest to contact another attorney.

This application helps us learn more about your business so that we can determine whether your needs are a good match for the services Susman Godfrey’s MOBUS Pro Bono Program provides.

Click here to download an application.
Completed applications should be sent to:

Applicants will receive confirmation of receipt within 48 hours of submission. If you do not receive confirmation, or have any questions, please contact: