Susman Godfrey Named to Vault’s Inaugural “Top 150 Under 150” List

NEW YORK (March 24, 2015) — Susman Godfrey has once again been named one of the nation’s leading litigation boutiques, this time in Vault’s new Top 150 Under 150 List.

According to Vault, “the Top 150 Under 150 is a recognition of leading law firms with fewer attorneys, but no less expertise, than the global megafirms that often dominate rankings and headlines.”

Vault’s “Top 150 Under 150” is meant to serve as a resource for students and lateral candidates seeking an experience outside of BigLaw. The firms included on the list provide associates substantial responsibility early in their careers, frequently including the opportunity to climb the rungs to partnership a little more quickly, while also affording them the chance to work at a top law firm.

To determine the Top 150 Under 150, Vault developed a list of the best-known and most sought-after U.S. firms with fewer than 150 attorneys. Relying on Vault survey data, news stories, trade journals and other legal publications, Vault’s editorial and research teamsspoke with lawyers in the field and reviewed other published rankings. Each firm was evaluated for prestige, quality of life and growth opportunities, with only 150 firms nationwide making the final cut.

Firm founder and managing partner Steve Susman explained that Susman Godfrey’s development of associates is part of an intentional plan.

“We’ve found that giving new associates substantive responsibility, plus a greater voice in firm operations, have enabled us to recruit and retain better lawyers,” said Susman.

Susman Godfrey’s “one lawyer, one vote” policy gives the firm’s newest associate an equal voice—and an equal vote—to the most senior partner. The firm’s attorneys vote on a range of issues, including which cases to take and alternative fee arrangements.

View the entire Top 150 Under 150 list here.

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