Texas Law Review Creates Scholarship in Honor of Susman Godfrey Founder Stephen Susman

AUSTIN, TEXAS (March 30th, 2015) — On March 28, 2015, the Texas Law Review Associationhonored Stephen Susman for his fifty-year commitment to the Texas Law Review by endowing a scholarship in his name. This year marked the 50th anniversary of Susman’s election as Editor-in-Chief of the Texas Law Review. At the time, the Texas Law Review was struggling financially. Steve Susman conceived of creating an alumni organization that would provide financial support to the Texas Law Review. Since then, the Texas Law Review Association has provided tens of millions of dollars in support to the Texas Law Review and has been instrumental in preserving the journal’s academic freedom because of its financial independence. For many years, Steve Susman served on the Board of the Texas Law Review Association, and the tradition has been maintained by various partners in Susman Godfrey. The Board announced the creation of the scholarship at the annual Texas Law Review Banquet, which is a critical fundraiser for the Review.

As a Texas law student, Steve Susman also conceived of the idea to convert the Banquet into a fundraising event. The scholarship is devoted to helping provide a stipend for the Editor-in-Chief of the Texas Law Review. In honor of Steve Susman, in addition to making a contribution from the Texas Law Review Association itself, every current Board member personally contributed to the scholarship.

Congratulations to Steve on this momentous honor.

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