Susman Godfrey Wins $166.3 Million Jury Verdict Against AT&T and Nokia in Patent Litigation

Susman Godfrey Wins $166.3 Million Jury Verdict Against AT&T and Nokia in Patent Litigation

Susman Godfrey obtained a $166.3 million jury verdict on behalf of client Finesse Wireless LLC on January 13, 2023, against AT&T Mobility LLC and Nokia Corporation of America over patent infringement claims relating to wireless networks. The jury delivered the verdict after three hours of deliberation following a week-long trial in the Eastern District of Texas.

The two patents at issue in the case, U.S. Patent Nos. 7,346,134 and 9,548,775, issued in 2008 and 2017, respectively. Their inventor, Francis Smith, assigned them to his company Finesse.  The patents generally relate to intermodulation, a type of interference that has plagued various wireless applications for decades.

Finesse sued AT&T in 2021, and Nokia later intervened. At trial, Finesse asserted that AT&T infringed Mr. Smith’s patents by using in its cell towers certain Nokia remote radio head equipment. Finesse developed evidence before the jury that Mr. Smith invented the first truly effective technique for cancelling passive intermodulation products.

According to the verdict, the jury found that AT&T infringed both patents. The jury also rejected AT&T/Nokia’s invalidity defense, and awarded Finesse $166.3 million in lump-sum damages – the full amount sought by Susman Godfrey.

“We are pleased to have achieved this result recognizing the importance and value of our client’s innovations,” said Susman Godfrey partner and lead counsel Joe Grinstein. “It was an honor to represent Mr. Smith at trial, and we very much appreciate the jury’s careful attention to the facts of the case.”

The Susman Godfrey team included Grinstein, partners Meng Xi and Shawn Blackburn, associate Meg Griffith, and Of Counsel Bryce Barcelo. Susman Godfrey was also ably assisted at trial by Johnny Ward and Andrea Fair from Ward Smith & Hill PLLC, and pretrial by Calvin Capshaw of Capshaw DeRieux LLP.

The case is Finesse Wireless LLC v. AT&T Mobility LLC (Defendant) and Nokia of America Corporation (Intervenor), case number 2:21-CV-00316-JRG, in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas.