Being a Lawyer at Susman Godfrey

Our associates regularly appear in court and play key roles in our most significant matters. You can see some of our associates in action here:

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Meg Griffith

Argued and won Markman argument in Finesse Wireless LLC v. AT&T Mobility LLC at Markman hearing on behalf of Finesse Wireless in the Eastern District of Texas. The team went on to secure a $166 million jury verdict on behalf of Finesse. Read the argument here. Learn more about the win here.

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Steve Seigel

Won appeal at the Federal Circuit on behalf of Ethanol Boosting Systems, the inventors of groundbreaking engine technology whose patented inventions are allegedly being infringed by Ford Motor Company’s manufacture and sale of engines and fuel systems that combine direct and port injection. After an oral argument by Seigel, the CAFC vacated a judgment of non-infringement against Ford Motor Co., remanding the suit to District Court to review Ford’s engines in light of the patent’s claims as properly construed. Listen to the argument here.

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Michael Brightman

Represented a group of suburban Orlando homeowners as plaintiffs in environmental litigation against the Orlando Utilities Commission and several real estate developers. When the Commission—among the largest municipal utilities in the country—moved for judgment on the pleadings based on sovereign immunity, Michael authored the plaintiffs’ opposition brief and argued the plaintiffs’ position in federal court against a managing partner. Michael won—in sweeping fashion. The Court held that the Commission was ineligible for sovereign immunity both under the specific statute in question and categorically as a municipal body. Read the oral argument here.

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Krisina Zuñiga

Secured a nearly $40 million judgment for Repeat Precision, LLC, the defendant in a case brought by Diamondback Industries in federal court in Waco, Texas. The case involved claims of patent infringement, antitrust violations, theft of trade secrets, breach of contract, and tortious interference. During trial, Krisina presented Repeat Precision’s president, an examination the Court described as “virtually perfect.” Read Krisina’s transcript here. Learn more about the win here.

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Ryan Weiss

Represents a class of universal life insurance policyholders against ReliaStar Life Insurance Company stemming from ReliaStar’s failure to charge COI rates in accordance with the terms of its policies. Ryan opposed ReliaStar’s motion for summary judgment in a virtual hearing in front of the Hon. Donovan Frank (D. Minn.). Judge Frank later denied ReliaStar’s motion and simultaneously granted class certification. Read a full transcript of Ryan’s argument here.