Susman Godfrey Is Top-Tier Nationally in Antitrust, Energy, and General Commercial Disputes

June 2020

The 2020 edition of The Legal 500 guide to the leading law practices in the United States has ranked Susman Godfrey as top-tier nationally in 3 practice areas while highlighting 22 attorneys who contributed to the firm’s excellent showing. “Outstanding intellects up and down the chain,’ one client said, according to the guide, adding that the firm works “on both sides of the ‘v’” and handles cases “in the trial and appellate courts throughout.”

Tier 1 – Antitrust: Civil Litigation/Class Actions (Plaintiff)

The 2020 edition describes Susman Godfrey as a “strong market player in antitrust litigation with significant experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants.” It names Marc Seltzer Leading Lawyer for the third year in a row.

Highlighted Lawyers:

Barry Barnett

Neal Manne

Kalpana Srinivasan

Vineet Bhatia

Marc Seltzer

Stephen Susman

Bill Carmody James Southwick

Randy Wilson

Tier 2 – General Commercial Disputes

“Susman Godfrey continues to build its reputation as a top-flight litigation boutique able to compete with BigLaw for the top cases,” the guide notes, pointing out that the firm “represents the plaintiff as often as the defense and is widely respected for its expertise on both sides.” Alex Kaplan is recognized as a Next Generation Partner for a second year in a row, and Glenn Bridgman makes his debut in The Legal 500 as a Rising Star.

Highlighted Lawyers:

Vineet Bhatia

Bill Carmody Brian Melton Stephen Susman

Rachel Black

Geoffrey Harrison Bill Merrill Max Tribble
Glenn Bridgman Alex Kaplan Marc Seltzer

Lexie White

Jacob Buchdahl Neal Manne Kalpana Srinivasan

Randy Wilson

Tier 2 – Energy Litigation: Oil and Gas

Noting that Susman Godfrey represents “some of the biggest names in the industry, including Chevron and Hess,” the guide adds that the firm “is also known for representing clients in cases against oil and gas companies and is active in a range of disputes.” Alex Kaplan picks up back-to-back recognition as a Next Generation Partner.

Highlighted Lawyers:

Erica Harris

Alex Kaplan Ashley McMillian

Robert Safi

Geoffrey Harrison Neal Manne Thomas Paterson

Lexie White

Arun Subramanian and Joe Grinstein receive notice as attorneys “committed to understanding the dispute from ground up and are totally dedicated to achieving a positive outcome.”

The Legal 500 bases its rankings on a combination of law firm submissions and peer and client feedback to assess overall visibility and reputation of law practices nationwide.