Susman Godfrey Announces Mandatory Retirement Age for Partners

Susman Godfrey LLP, the premier national litigation boutique, has adopted for the first time a mandatory retirement age for its partners. Partners will be required to retire at the end of the year in which they turn 100 years old. 

Founding partner Steve Susman, 77, welcomed the news. “All things must pass, and I’m facing with equanimity this 23 year transition period before my retirement.”  Neal Manne, 62, a managing partner of the firm, said that the firm’s partners, who met last weekend in Seattle, wanted to provide clarity to its younger partners about retirement. 

New partner Ashley McMillian, 34, praised the move, noting that “This will allow me to plan my final 67 years at Susman Godfrey more carefully.”  Geoffrey Harrison, 50, waxed philosophical about the change. “I opposed having an artificial limit like this, but at least I’ll have another half century at the firm.” Erica Harris, 46, who has chaired the firm’s employment and recruiting committee, acknowledged that the announcement is likely to lead to questions during on-campus interviews. “We know that some top students are going to wonder how the firm will fare when Neal Manne retires in 2055.”

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