Susman Godfrey Named Texas Powerhouse and Delaware Powerhouse by Law360

Susman Godfrey has been named a powerhouse law firm in both Texas and Delaware by Law360 as part of its annual Powerhouse series, which recognizes firms that are, “handling some of the biggest deals and most high-profile courtroom battles” and “offering clients regional expertise and making a lasting impact on the law at the state and local level.”

In the publisher’s introduction to the series, co-Managing Partner Vineet Bhatia credits Susman Godfrey’s tradition of giving lawyers the support they need to “attack cases to the best of their ability and the freedom they want to pursue the cases that excite them” with ensuring ongoing success in Texas courts and across the county. In addition, Partner Rocco Magni attributes the firm’s success in Delaware courts to our focus on high stakes litigation.

Texas Court Wins

Trials gravitate to where great trial lawyers are, and Texas has a long tradition of producing great trial lawyers.” Partner Joe Grinstein is interviewed in the firm’s Texas Powerhouse feature where he discusses some of the major courtroom win scored by Susman Godfrey in Texas courthouses in the past 12 months. Grinstein himself led a legal team that secured a $166 million jury verdict for Finesse wireless in its patent infringement battle against AT&T in January of this year. Partner Lexie White is also interviewed for the story where she discusses her team’s $31.5 million patent verdict she won for KPN in its infringement battle against Ericsson in the Eastern District of Texas. In addition to these patent wins, the firm also scored its second victory in challenging regulations implementing the No Surprises Act, a measure meant to protect consumers from unexpected medical bills sent by out-of-network emergency health providers. In her interview, White talks about how the firm’s string of successes in Texas show are indicative of its focus on developing in-house talent and sharing clients’ litigation risk, “We don’t get paid unless our clients get paid — everyone is in the same boat together.”

Making History in Delaware

In Law360’s firm profile for Delaware Powerhouse, the publisher describes how the firm often sends lawyers from across the country to fight legal battles in Delaware’s state and federal courts, securing big wins in high-profile cases. “We have a lot of fun doing it, which is honestly one of the things I think makes us so good at our jobs,” says LA-based Partner, Davida Brook, in the firm’s Delaware profile. Brook goes onto say, “Other firms know that about us, too, so when they see us on the other side of the ‘v’ it’s a very clear message and signal that whoever has hired us is not afraid of the courtroom.” Brook, along with co-lead counsel, led the charge in securing the historic $787.5 million deal with Fox News on behalf of Dominion Voting Systems in its high-profile defamation suit against the media titan in Delaware Superior Court. Just a few months earlier, Texas-based partner, John Lahad, led a legal team that won a $42 million jury verdict for the Board of Regents and TissueGen, against Boston Scientific in Delaware Federal Court. Speaking of the multiple 2023 Delaware-court wins, Lahad tells Law360, “The wins are proof that our process — the way we litigate and try cases — that it works.”

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